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Motivational Parenting Effectively Combines Authoritative Parenting

Motivational Parenting Effectively Combines Authoritative Parenting & Gentle Parenting Building Happy Parents & Happy Families.

"Motivational Parenting changed the way I engaged with my kids for the better. My relationship with my kids has grown from these classes. It's even impacted my relationship with my husband, bringing us closer. I, overall, feel like a better mom and a happier parent." 

-Michelle A.

Watch this video to learn how Motivational Parenting can impact your family by combining Authoritative Parenting and Gentle Parenting techniques, then browse our resources below including free online parenting classes and our book, which will provide the entire guide-map to becoming a Motivational Parent.

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Check out our parenting book and gain the skills to successfully guide and communicate with your child.

"For parents there is a healthy sweet spot in between permissive and authoritarian extremes, and as a father of three adopted children I know first-hand how difficult it can be to stay in that zone.  How do we do that specifically?  It turns out that there are helpful clues in what we have learned from our 40 years of research developing the method of motivational interviewing.  Thanks to the authors of The Listening Space this knowledge is now available in the first book on motivational parenting.  It’s very readable, practical, and science-based guidance on listening well to our children." - William R. Miller, Ph.D.   The University of New Mexico 

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Father and Son in Bed
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Free On Demand Video Library, which includes our main Motivational Parenting curriculum and our Stress Management class

Your purchase helps fund free training to parents who are committed to raising confident and emotionally intelligent children to lead the next generation

Mother and a Child
“My daughter just had a hissy fit. I waited until she calmed down and used some of the strategies we discussed in Motivational Parent. EVERY SINGLE STATEMENT out of my mouth was a Fix-It. What an awakening!! After I adjusted the approach, we had an awesome conversation!”

Shanda S.

"My two adult sons and I are closer than ever. They just love to talk now. Oh how I wish I had these skills when they were younger, we would have enjoyed those years much more!"

Terri C. 


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